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safe1749691 artist:racoonsan568 sonata dusk13817 human158887 equestria girls206876 bracelet10004 breasts288524 clothes475687 cute205607 female1401202 food72930 humanized101892 jewelry68139 licking20845 licking lips4422 nail polish8098 ponytail18746 skirt41052 smiling260666 solo1093890 sonatabetes1170 sonataco716 spiked wristband1357 taco1353 that girl sure loves tacos143 tongue out108176 wristband3821


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Loves Twi and Sunset
Sonata was already my favorite Siren based on how cute she is. Now having finally watched Rainbow Rocks…yep, still my favorite. Kinda like Adagio, don't much care for Aria.
Background Pony #D7F9
Who tha hell is giving this a down vote; it is pretty and adorable at the least.