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explicit397880 artist:screwingwithsfm1198 princess luna106454 rainbow dash253095 anthro299626 3d95034 ahegao28416 anal30964 animated108703 assisted autofellatio95 autofellatio1855 blowjob35812 breasts323712 futa52362 futa on futa4738 futa only1957 futa princess luna2645 futa rainbow dash4145 impossibly large penis16112 intersex50250 lunadash97 masturbation20877 missionary position4745 nipples198215 no sound5152 nudity429448 open mouth183235 oral55132 penetration69572 penis177909 pov16185 screwingwithsfm's rainbow dash307 sex140891 shipping222347 source filmmaker55982 tongue out121639 webm17783


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Wake up. We're here.
@Background Pony #CC71  
This situation can be hot cause it shows her place as the lowest — sub that is fucked in any hole by anypony, but at the same time cannot stick her dick in any orifice but her own.  
A cumdump even for herself.
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Hooves to Hearts! /<3)
The criticism here (aside from a few of the comments and everything that got removed for rule 0) is constructive criticism, and the artist themselves even took all of the criticism well to boot  
I frankly don’t see any reason for everybody to be so upset about all this

I don’t understand why people make such a massive effort to make drama out of something that really isn’t a problem, i keep seeing it in so many fandoms and it’s getting old. there’s a difference between constructive criticism, and angrily shouting at someone because they didn’t make something up to your perfect standards. what do you expect from an independent animator using a restricting program like sfm who also has real life problems outside of animating your fetishes, you’re not going to get pixar level animation. animation isn’t easy, and if you think it’s easy why don’t you try it, open sfm and make an animation half as decent as this one. in all honesty this animation isn’t half bad it gets the job done of arousing people who like this sort of thing, in the end isn’t that why we’re all here to get off to futa anthro ponies smashing groins together.
Background Pony #1C57
Maybe they pay for it and are not satisfied but still want to support him because they know he can do better.
Background Pony #C030
Why y’all hating guys? Dude makes good animations. Sure there always room for improvement. But I like it.
Finally! A lone voice of reason in the onslaught of negativity! 😊
Veridis Quo

Only here will you find people complaining about the quality of a 3D animation depicting anthropomorphic horse dickgirls fucking each other.

While I might not have the eye to see the details in modeling or animating. I do know that that this animation just feels too fast and stiff, and the look on rd feels out of place to me
I know you’re a great animator but based on the other comments you had some irl stuff going on. Focus on yourself, and don’t put something out just to give people something. Don’t let these fools get you down. You do what you need to do, take a break if you have to.
Non-Fungible Trixie -
Artist -

Oh wow, nicely done on this animation ^^ Facial expressions, smooth animation, good posing and camera position. Well done :)
Looks to the s%€tstorm of comments below Oh come on lads, seriously? At least he’s making stuff at all, this stuff isn’t easy to do, let alone quick
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So some of the comments I deleted may not have been direct attacks or insults, but I still felt they don’t really belong in public.
I can’t even begin to imagine that.  
I moved from one town to another 1 hour away and that was already bad enough..
Non-Fungible Trixie -
Artist -

Ah that makes sense didn’t mean to attack you personally just keep trying your best dude and sorry if the move has been stressful that can be stressful on anyone. You should instead focus on the move instead of making this stuff ya know? IRL comes first and all and you should take care of yourself and not get back to it till it’s all settled. Regardless hope the move goes well. ^^
Perfect Pony Plot Provider - Uploader of 10+ images with 350 upvotes or more (Questionable/Explicit)
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Right.. so some comments here got reported.
I’ll have to read all those comments now and see what might be inappropriate.  
Gimme a few minutes..
In the mean time: please remember to keep the criticism constructive and stay away from personal attacks. Thank you.
Background Pony #17D5
If it comes to sfm animations blackjr really kept top tier for a long time but when i saw first animation from hooves-art i could not pick up my jaw for a log time.
Background Pony #05EF
It’s sad seeing someone that I looked up to once fall back on such lazy practices :/  
While the animation is still decent (though a bit too simple in this case), the rest is just…so many issues,
Phong settings seem to be left at a default, mostly phong exponent. Are they made of rubber?  
Lighting seems to consist of a simple 3 point system, it works, but looks very simple.  
The models, ugh… Soria needs to die already. What aeridic did was good in one way by introducing more people to easier to use models, but his model still carries the same aesthetic issues that soria had. And the cocks, akkoarcade release a massive pack months ago with many higher quality models, in many different shapes. Better rigging, texturing, polycount, etc, yet you still cling to the unproportinal tubular mikeymack model :/ not only is it very low poly, but the default texture does not fit with the bodies at all, with the dirty and veiny look clashing with the body’s smooth skin.
And one last thing, mikeymack’s model has a genital root bone. Scale that up instead of the first shaft bone. That way the balls won’t look like peanuts the next time.
Background Pony #EE66
Dude, most of your arts take less than an hour to make and you ask 1-50$ bucks for that. All the ponies look dead inside and you keep using that damned Soria body. You only rely on the tasteless audience that supports you because you prefer to make a lot of low quality content rather than few high quality arts/animations. You will never improve because you’ve been in this business for few years already and everything looks almost the same.
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FutaDash Lover <3
I’ll admit, this wasn’t one of my best ones. It was rushed. I don’t really have an excuse, I’ve been moving around a lot for the last few months, since I moved from the UK to the US. Anyone who has done that before knows the stresses that come with it.  
I’m working hard to get better, and I’ll keep working. I’m sorry this one was disappointing and I’m trying harder to work better.
@Background Pony #CFDE
@Background Pony #3409
@Background Pony #CFDE
@Background Pony #CF4A  
These are all the same one person who has a grudge against me because I don’t answer on Discord within 30 minutes. I’ll do the polite thing and won’t reveal who they are.
@Background Pony #FA37  
I like the Dash grin, a lot.  
24fps (which is what this is actually at), isn’t weak, it’s still the standard for film for a reason. It also allows me to cut render time in 3 so that I can work on other stuff faster.  
Some of my next stuff is in 60fps, and since it takes so much longer to render, it stopped me from working on more stuff sooner. I personally don’t think it looks that much better, but if there’s enough demand for it, I can start doing it more often.
Non-Fungible Trixie -
Artist -

Oh wow… Nothing personal but if I were paying you to make this Screwing I’d demand FAR more than a refund. Funny how at one time your stuff was amazing but it went back to something I myself can do in ten minutes and I don’t even ask to get paid for it or anything lol.
Either way this is rather disappointing.