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safe (1489501) artist:pentoolqueen (50) mare do well (926) sweetie belle (45127) anthro (211444) robot (6437) angry (21242) clothes (377265) female (813796) heart (39785) intimidating (135) kryptonite (84) looking at you (129329) metallo (1) solo (916512) superman (590) sweetie bot (1251) sweetie do well (119) torn clothes (3955) uniform (8192)


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9 comments posted

Okay, as a major DC fan, I can think of only three or four characters this can be.
1. A lexbot with a kryptonite radiation-emmitting chest piece.
2. Metallo, with his kryptonite-powered heart
3. Cyborg superman, with kryptonite in his chest
4. A batbot designed to defeat kryptonians (Batman is SUPER prepared and/or paranoid)