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suggestive167208 artist:the weaver1754 princess luna107226 oc809099 oc:anon12759 alicorn264064 human189057 pony1264953 comic120836 dialogue76939 dream walker luna780 female1552912 inception270 mare587180 scrunchy face7691 simple background479948 speech bubble29519 tiny butt8 white background123371 wide eyes18474


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In the first panel, Anon is fawning over a tiny woona in his dream, uttering inappropriate rhymes. Luna, dreamwalking, encounters him.
In the second panel, she declares she will punish him, likely through sexual deeds.
In the third panel, these deeds are occuring just slightly off camera, as Anon cries out that he deserves her moon justice and whatever punishment she decides, all while a stranger watches on the hill in the distance.
In the fourth panel, it is revealed that the stranger on the hill is the actual dreamwalking luna, who is frustrated, annoyed, and perhaps sickened by what she is witnessing, and that everything that previously occurred has been a dream and fantasy of anon’s, including being caught and punished by a dreamwalking luna. Also Anon declares that Luna’s tiny rear excites him so.
I hope this helps.
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Wait, which one is the real Luna? Because it’s possible dream!Luna’s pissed that real!Luna’s muscling in on her action.
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I don’t think annon and Luna are thinking of the same type of “punishment.”
I suspect 40 years of hard labor are in order.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Thats what I’ve been saying about Luna’s butt for a while now. HER moon is SO small. Thats one Hearths warming eve gift, those pants that makes your butt look big. You’re welcome, Luna. XD