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Equestria at War

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Sometimes I asking to myself – Why I do this? This is foolish, pony can’t even sits like a cat, this is just anatomically impossible >_<
But I still doing this^^
I know that for someone ideas like this looks stupid but don’t know… every picture by this theme cheers me up)
So one more sketch with kitty pony, just for mood and lulzz))
safe (1374341)artist:yakovlev-vad (359)applejack (142292)apple (12119)applecat (105)behaving like a cat (1485)box (3347)chest fluff (23898)cowboy hat (9594)cute (138747)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2395)earth pony (133353)eyes closed (64029)female (707730)food (47585)hat (59980)if i fits i sits (48)jackabetes (3907)mare (309801)pony (646973)pony in a box (667)ponyloaf (190)prone (19707)solo (845229)straw in mouth (531)tree (21047)yakovlev-vad is trying to murder us (11)


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