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Concept that I was mulling over today and decided I had to get down.

Name: Thalasson (tentative, who knows)
– Normal earth pony, normal life.
– One morning, he wakes up on a faraway beach instead of his bed. He discovered his eyes have been replaced with biomechanical eyes that have forms like the headlights of a car, and they shine white light, barely visible during the day but noticeable in the dark and underwater. They are lined by a fluorescent cyan color, also illuminated.
– His vision didn’t change, except that he can see perfectly underwater.
– The lights only shine when he’s awake and conscious.
– He can’t open his eyes all the way like most ponies.
– These seem to be the only changes apparent, but there are a few other changes he’s not immediately aware of.
– He doesn’t realize he’s a lot more drawn to the ocean than he used to be.
– He can swim and dive despite never having learned, being a village pony.
– He never really figures out what happened to him and it never happens again so he just lives like that now.

Comments very welcome!
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Good point. Thats really good storytelling. If i were to make a story around him, i might revise a bit to make him genuinely more of a character, but as it stands, this was just a concept that literally revolved around that particular change.
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Always In The Wrong

i’m not very experienced with this kind of writing, but what i can say is that if a character goes through a change like this, he or she should have an actual personality beforehand so that we can see how the change affects the character to a greater extent. this also prevents the change from becoming the character’s personality altogether.
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