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EDIT: Changed Ember's color scheme
NOTE: Any "Next-Gen" Characters with the title Pre-Fix "Madi-Verse" is SEPERATE from my Next-Gen.

TwiDancer family~ I'm really happy with how Ember babu turned out~

Name: Ember Glimmer
Nicknames: Ember (Prefered), Glimmy
Species: Unicorn
Personality: Happy, Calm, Quiet, Random
Likes: Books, The Internet, Her friends
Dislikes: Storms, The Dark
Sexuality: Panromantic Asexual
Cutiemark: Puppet strings; Representing when she took up her acting hobby.
Occupation: None
Current Residence: Twilight's Castle
Other: Despite her Unicornhood, She is a Princess.

Bases by SelenaEde
safe (1488625) artist:creepysteeple (2) artist:goldengallows (3) moondancer (4034) twilight sparkle (269885) alicorn (176171) big crown thingy (2053) family (3736) female (813107) jewelry (43095) lesbian (86334) magical lesbian spawn (8979) offspring (30781) parents:twidancer (21) regalia (13853) shipping (172208) simple background (310939) twidancer (290) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (107526) white background (77594)


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