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Fullname: Melrose Apple
Nicknames: Rose, Rosie
Cutiemark: Two slices of apple
Special talent: Apple farming
Parents: Big mac and Cherilee

Melrose is determined and her dream is to be head of the of sweet apple acres. Day she got her cutiemark applejack gave her her hat and said that if she keeps up the great work she will get her place as the head of the farm. She is a huge perfectionist and hates failing. She got trait of not letting go easily from her aunt apple jack, overall they seem very similar to each other and have a great relationship.

Melrose has a need to be likes by everyone, she tries to do everything for you to like her. as I said her being a perfectionist and not being able to let go easily, this comes to her relationships, she will not let go of stuff, disagreements for example. She tries to always help even if its not asked for and is too nosy to others problems.
safe1574487 artist:helianas11 oc604340 oc only409477 oc:melrose6 earth pony198648 pony844993 cowboy hat13126 female898342 hat76543 mare415085 offspring34356 parent:big macintosh2671 parent:cheerilee367 parents:cheerimac266 simple background345271 solo972333 stetson4854 unshorn fetlocks22165 white background87005


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