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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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safe (1459541)artist:tonyfleecs (1272)starlight glimmer (39295)sunset shimmer (51925)pony (724649)unicorn (215771)backwards cutie mark (2723)duo (40702)glowing horn (14111)levitation (9052)looking at each other (13234)magic (59193)moon (19390)night (20033)night sky (1329)self-levitation (473)sky (9754)telekinesis (21542)


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Background Pony #C24B
They would make good successors to Celestia and Luna. Sunset with the Sun in her name and Starlight with Star. Day and Night.
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Well they both need therapy for obsessing and spamming over a cartoon

like Trixie right?

Plus he also brings up Trixie like she’s the most abused character ever so if its not him I’m guessing it’s he’s friend Trixie guy 2.0
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