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who would win?
One smol pony or one glass table?
dead source19667 safe1586039 artist:evomanaphy822 oc610922 oc only412210 oc:jewel blue36 pegasus243736 pony853588 against glass1242 angry24221 animated92492 behaving like a dog1279 blushing177550 chest fluff32785 colored wings5048 colored wingtips1550 cookie3307 cute180237 eye shimmer1155 eyes on the prize4962 female908851 filly59972 fluffy12969 food61581 frown21796 glare8064 glass4074 glass table42 licking18202 looking up14293 mare419796 mlem781 nose wrinkle2831 ocbetes4276 parent:oc:looic15 parent:oc:shadow blue15 parents:shadooic16 patreon12431 patreon reward1208 shadooic91 shoulder fluff1422 silly7058 silly pony2872 sitting55657 solo979811 tongue out91632 weapons-grade cute3237 wing fluff1454 wings78369


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Background Pony #9F99
I think you'll find that laboratory apparatus was usually glass because it's non-reactive to most chemicals. Pretty sure that includes acid.