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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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who would win?
One smol pony or one glass table?
safe (1393745)artist:evomanaphy (745)oc (509252)oc:jewel blue (28)oc only (356252)angry (19009)animated (83109)behaving like a dog (1069)blushing (149293)chest fluff (24535)colored wings (3967)colored wingtips (1305)cookie (2835)cute (141870)eye shimmer (1028)eyes on the prize (4134)female (725273)filly (48417)fluffy (11229)food (48664)frown (18868)glare (7410)glass table (33)licking (15012)looking up (11147)mare (317834)mlem (547)nose wrinkle (2585)ocbetes (3114)parent:oc:looic (15)parent:oc:shadow blue (15)parents:shadooic (16)patreon (9694)patreon reward (695)pegasus (177873)pony (659692)shadooic (65)shoulder fluff (1112)silly (6295)silly pony (2604)sitting (44411)solo (856243)tongue out (73176)weapons-grade cute (2623)wing fluff (1179)wings (49437)


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