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Edit: I forgot to add Big Mac’s CM…ill do it later

May have had a nextgen plan for some time now and after doing some sketching, this was one of my favourites 
Hopefully I won’t just abandon this nextgen
Fingers crossed

Big Mac and Cheerilee are expecting, they are good parents but issues and problems may arise because of the small foal
safe (1425988)artist:diablediablo (2)big macintosh (25197)cheerilee (8801)earth pony (147499)pony (694155)alternate hairstyle (21234)cheerimac (762)cutie mark (33819)eyes closed (67771)female (757781)male (257084)mare (333946)missing accessory (6687)missing cutie mark (3250)neckerchief (1160)nuzzling (3338)outline (757)pregnant (11105)shipping (164058)simple background (290040)smiling (182666)stallion (72694)straight (109167)transparent background (151491)


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