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More love inspired by this LGBT-supportive special!
safe1679770 artist:nichroniclesvsart90 applejack167760 fluttershy209915 pinkie pie213676 rainbow dash231040 rarity179442 sci-twi23775 sunset shimmer61865 twilight sparkle297115 parakeet63 equestria girls196699 equestria girls series32323 rollercoaster of friendship2421 abs10832 alternate hairstyle27494 ball3291 belly button75752 boots21246 clothes449971 converse5550 cute195803 dark skin4484 diversity134 dress43573 ear piercing25307 earring20462 eyes closed90391 eyeshadow15104 female1339050 flannel333 flutterdash4497 geode of empathy3008 geode of fauna1784 geode of shielding2162 geode of sugar bombs1973 geode of super speed2384 geode of super strength2100 geode of telekinesis2879 glasses60369 high heel boots5335 hug27705 humane five3263 humane seven2439 humane six3102 jacket12197 jewelry61100 leather jacket3180 leggings1996 lesbian95194 magical geodes8705 makeup20734 midriff19066 necklace18106 piercing39846 plushie23555 ponytail17396 rarijack6971 scene interpretation8421 scitwishimmer2212 shipping196687 shoes35253 shorts13617 skirt38902 socks64859 stockings31871 sunsetsparkle4308 tanktop7492 thigh highs35094 toy21780


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Background Pony #C5BC
Rarity being black feels weird, with her skin being literally paste white. But i love the pic
Background Pony #D932
Not bad! I think I would swap Pinkie's and Twilight's skin tones though. I like Twilight with dark skin, and on Pinkie I think it looks odd, though I'll say that it's not as jarring with this artist's coloring. I also would have preferred Rainbow's haircut to be more like the shows. Still, well done image!

Social Justice Pacifist
@Background Pony #4506

Yep, Whiz Kid and Curly Winds have officially been declared a couple as early as 2014. Frankly, I'd say them holding hands here is good evidence on its own, but commentary from the show staff themselves makes their relationship unambiguous.
Background Pony #B1DC
Why you gotta mess with Dash's do?

Ikr? It is an adorable image but idk why so many artists feel the need to change her hair???
Background Pony #08CA
I thought Rollercoaster of friendship was really bad. It had WAY too much shipping fuel and the storyline kinda sucked. Forgotten Friendship was WAY much better.
Horizon Spark

Rising Writer
I don’t even care if this is a LGBT supported episode, I just really like the episode and the artwork here.

Although Rainbow’s, Applejack’s, and Rarity’s hair do look a bit off to me.
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@Chuy Ryu
Why am I not surprised to see one of your comments removed on this picture?

@Background Pony #4506
Laugh all you want but EQG does have a canon gay couple. (No, they're not in the Humane 5; they're not even female.)
But they were in this special. And even though there currently isn't anymore canonically gay ships in the special, there was a hell of a lot of shipping teases amongst a few of the Humane 7, especially with RariJack.

Add on the fact this special was aired pretty close to the American Pride Month and on the UK's pride month, I think it's safe to say that Alex is right about the special being LGBT supportive.