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I’m back bois. Spread the word!
After many stressful days of moving house and full time work, I’m back to posting my own NSFW content.
I learned quite a few new techniques and interesting tips over my abcence, including moddelling and lighting. Hope you can all see the difference in my work from this point forward. Let me know what you all think :)

explicit369660 artist:darkskye174 princess luna101963 alicorn238777 pony1083884 3d83371 anatomically correct25495 anus102723 bedroom eyes62944 clitoris29183 cute209916 female1432589 looking at you181442 looking back62136 mare518185 moon24864 moonbutt3664 nudity391178 plot85587 ponut47056 puffy vulva1540 raised hoof50151 s1 luna7492 smiling271979 solo1120504 solo female187150 source filmmaker49988 the ass was fat14474 tongue out111366 vulva136509 vulvar winking12701


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Background Pony #B63B
After looking at it for awhile… I like those “hind lips” being shiny, but that ponut looks almost metalic, instead of wet, with that much sheen.
Background Pony #B63B
Legit question - do you actually use it as wallpaper?
I hear from time to time about people putting pony-lewds on wallpapers, but can’t imagine doing it myself. To the point that I almost feel like it’s a joke. So did you actually do it? Do people actually do that, those brave, reckless bastards? Or am I right in thinking that it’s just a joke?
Background Pony #B63B
As much as some people complain about SFM being basic and outdated, works like this show that you can make it look really good if you know what you’re doing.