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Motherbuckers! - NSFW art pack

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explicit411418 artist:iuth78 rainbow dash257410 pegasus396436 pony1299098 ahegao29420 ambiguous penetration3654 anon pony166 bed49316 female1582200 floppy ears63594 from behind16181 male451591 mare605727 not thunderlane9 offscreen character43045 one eye closed39195 open mouth193743 penetration72911 prone30455 salivating2186 sex146460 speed bump position289 stallion146203 straight157531 tongue out126586 vaginal secretions46078 window10977


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Background Pony #85ED
There looks like a tear in Dashie’s eye, are you sure this isn’t supposed to be grim-dark?
Background Pony #7AA7
Given the stains on the sheets, I see Dashie is drooling from more than one hole!
Background Pony #64D0
I thought that was thunder lane at first then I saw it was an anonymous pony and now I love this artist so much.