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"No more tricks?"

Mochi giggled at her girlfriend's suspicion. Mochi wanted to take a picture of their "first kiss" by the fireplace. Of course, they had their first kiss before but Mochi wanted a romantic one by the fireplace. The wind howled outside as the snow hit the ground ever so gently. Even when it's in the middle of the year, it's still somehow very cold to the point fluffy balls of coldness are flying in the wind. The warmth of the fireplace hugged Mochi and Cyan like a mother would do as Mochi tried to position the Polaroid she had bought from the city.

"My love, I'm serious." Cyan said, persistent as she walked to stand beside her short girlfriend. She doesn't even know how she managed to spot this little thing in the crowd. She only noticed a moving, wavy purple mane and went like, 'who let a child on their own?' When she had gotten closer, Mochi couldn't speak much of how she had got noticed by the princess herself. The rest was a small history of a lot of love and Mochi being the cutest thing to Cyan.

"There won't be any tricks, Gem." Mochi furrowed her eyebrows as she slowly let go of the Polaroid from her magic. The Polaroid had somehow been balanced on multiple books on the couch. "That's what you've been saying every time, dear. You say that there won't be any tricks but still managed to let me kiss a wall." Cyan retorted, recalling the memory. Mochi had been teasing Cyan a lot recently by playfully not letting Cyan kiss her. It's got to the point where Cyan was ready to pin her girlfriend down for at least one kiss but she can't seem to catch her girlfriend who's always using her teleportation magic. What a tease…

Mochi giggled bashfully at the memory, "I won't trick you this time, promise." She glanced at the big glowing snail who was leaving trails of shimmering gold behind it. Sluggie, she called it. It was a gift from Beatz, more like Mochi kept begging for one because they seemed so shiny so Beatz just gave up and gave her Sluggie. Cyan furrowed her eyebrows at Mochi, her slit eyes piercing through the glimmering ones then Mochi smiled, innocently.

"Alright, star. Let's take a picture." Cyan gave up with a grin as she moved to sit in front of the fireplace, Mochi following. "You sure it's balanced?" Cyan asked, looking at the polaroid. Mochi nodded, "Mhm!"

Cyan smiled fondly at how Mochi's eyes stole the stars for a moment and leaned in. Their noses met as Mochi had her lips a bit open, her half lidded eyes showed submission. Cyan smirked her toothy smirk a bit, showing her sharp fangs before fluttering her eyes shut. Just before…

Just before their lips met, she felt something slimy pressed against her lips. Her eyes snapped open and saw Sluggie. His slimy, faintly glowing two small tentacles were moving against her muzzle, coating it with a slimy substance. Her eyes went wide as her body froze, her wings raising in sudden surprise and shock. Sluggie seemed happy, the slimy substance only seemed to increase as some trailed down her jaw and dripped. She felt pale as her face went green.


Mochi had an innocent smile with a tint of mischief. Cyan felt incredibly sick before immediately rising and galloping away to the bathroom. Mochi went into a fit of giggles as she turned Sluggie around to face him, "You think she liked it?" She asked him as he only waved his tentacles around, ecstatic. She giggled at this and set him down, watching him slowly slide himself near the fireplace. She stood up and went to her camera, wincing slightly when she heard Cyan vomiting her guts out. "Gem, are you okay in there?!" Mochi called out as she took her the picture, waving it around a bit, her magic illuminating the room a bit. She removed the books, careful not to burn them with her magic as she set them aside. "I got the picture at the perfect moment!" She wrote down with the pen: 'Love is blind'.


She turned around and saw her… Fuming girlfriend. Her wings were all fluffed up and her stare would kill if it could. Mochi felt a bit nervous at this and smiled nonetheless, "You look… A bit pale. Do you want me to run you a bath?" Mochi tried to walk past her but her big wing blocked her way. She hesitantly looked up, meeting her piercing gaze. "You said there won't be any tricks, baby girl." Cyan's tone dropped an octave as Mochi's eyes went a bit wide. That nickname was always used in the bedroom, never outside. "You said you'll stop teasing." Mochi started stepping backwards as Cyan stepped forward, her build towering over Mochi's.

"It was just a simple j-joke, Gem." Mochi tried to reason as Cyan raised an eyebrow, still getting closer and closer. "I mean… Look at how cute you looked!" Mochi hovered the picture in front of her and Cyan stared at it. She saw how Mochi was smiling innocently, even the damned snail was smiling; her face was green and her wings were up in shock. Cyan only growled at this, glaring at Mochi who no longer had any place to go back, her hind legs hitting the couch.

"You know what happens when someone tricks, the princess of Aseanna, baby girl?" She questioned, getting so close that Mochi was forced to sit on the couch. "They get punished."

This was going to be a long night. Mochi low-key did not regret any of it.

A finished ych with a dialogue for my one and only, MinElvi ;w;
Ahhh I really liked how this turned out! <33
Hope you like it! ;3;


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