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safe1583001 artist:evehly820 princess celestia89663 princess luna94106 alicorn198871 pony853768 alarm clock370 behaving like a bird555 behaving like a chicken47 behaving like a rooster44 clock1704 comic101186 dawn287 faic11439 female1162980 glowing horn16938 hoof shoes4308 horn impalement363 implied lesbian3077 implied shipping4428 implied twilestia151 implied twilight sparkle1646 jewelry52810 magic66370 majestic as fuck1177 mare425376 mood whiplash125 onomatopoeia3370 pillow15833 pillow hat45 regalia16873 silly6985 silly pony2832 sleeping21725 sun5937 sun work122 sunrise1018 wide eyes16071 yawn1283


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Look, a distraction!
dude, morning people need a high five…in the face…with a bat. preferably one that will then maul them.
Background Pony #D919
This is giving me Rock-a-Doodle flashbacks