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While Applejack was still sleeping and Sunset was still setting up the food in the kitchen, Rainbow Dash was outside of the house, peeking through the window and saw someone who looked familiar to her in the living room. She went to an another window to get a better view. There she saw who she thought was someone else with that very plump and very fatty appearance. As she took a closer look, it turned out to be Applejack. She was definitely shocked when realizing it. Huh?!? she thought, How did she get that fa—?!? Before she could finish her question, she saw a figure she knows, which was Sunset. She watched her waking up Applejack and listened to the conversation. Hearing this, Rainbow was completely in deep shock. WHAT?!? she thought as she then grew worried and angry at the same time, I've GOT to stop this before it's too late!

Meanwhile inside the house, Sunset fed Applejack some more food until she heard a knock on the door. She got up, answered it and in front of her was Rainbow who was trying to control her temper very hard.

"Um, what can I do for you?" Sunset asked confusingly.

"What are you doing to AJ?" Rainbow asked.

"Feeding her," said Sunset, "Why?"

"You're giving her health problems," said Rainbow, "I mean look how big she is! Just look at her!"

Sunset looked at Applejack for a second and looked back at her. "So?" she asked.

"So that she's in a very bad condition!" Rainbow said as she was getting a little angry.

"What're ya talkin' about? I'm fine!" said Applejack.

"Aw c'mon, AJ!!!" Rainbow exclaimed as she threw her hands down hard, "You're NOT fine! Look at you! You're as big as a giant rock!" Then she raised her palms to the air dramatically. "What's wrong with you?!?"

Applejack had enough, so she suddenly became annoyed and then stood up from a chair. "Nothin's wrong with me as far as I'm concerned," she said as she went up to her, "Now yer just as dramatic as Rarity!"

Rainbow then became a little offended but mostly emotionally hurt. "Look, I'm trying to save your life!" she said, "I don't wanna lose you and I don't wanna let you die! I need you to get back to your normal weight and live in a normal life again!" Then she begged on her knees. "Please!!!"

Applejack didn't say anything and neither did Sunset. They looked at each other in confusion until Applejack had an idea. She and Sunset whispered the idea as quietly as they could so Rainbow couldn't hear them, and then they came up with a verdict.
"Alright sugarcube," said Applejack, "I'll get ta my normal weight."

Rainbow's eyes widened with hope. "Really?" she asked with a big smile.

"Yeah," said Applejack.

"Awesome!" said Rainbow.

"After I reach a thousand pounds," said Applejack as she was gently massaging her bigger watermelon-sized belly.

That made Rainbow get shocked. "WHAT?!?" she exclaimed as she then became unimpressed, "Was that a prank?"

Applejack and Sunset laughed hard.

"Not really," said Sunset, "She'll get back to her normal weight after Applejack reaches a thousand pounds. Unless if she wants to keep going up to probably about a thousand and fifty pounds."

"Nah," said Applejack, "Maybe fer another time, Sunset. Besides, I'm almost at five hundred pounds right now." Then she turned to Rainbow. "Wanna catch up with me ta five hundred pounds?" she asked.

"Uh, no thanks," said Rainbow, "I don't wanna damage myself."

"You don't know unless you try it," said Sunset as she motioned her head to tell her to join them.

"Ugh, fine," said Rainbow as she went over to her and sat down on an another chair.

"You don't eat anything yet until Applejack reaches five hundred pounds, halfway to a thousand pounds," said Sunset, "In the meantime, watch and think about it closely and you'll get to experience it yourself."

"Um, okay?" Rainbow said questionably as she watched her feeding Applejack a lot of food. She also thought about it closely while watching. She thought that it's weird and disturbing, but could be fun. She was mostly unsure whether to try it or not.

After several of hours of feeding time, Applejack got a lot fatter and her belly grew to the size of a semi-giant boulder. She went to the weight scale again and this time, it said 500 lbs. She finally reached to the halfway point, all thanks to Sunset for helping her. "YEE-HAW!!!" she exclaimed excitingly, "I'm halfway there!!!" Then she turned to Rainbow. "Have ya ever thought of bein' like this fer once in a while?" she asked.

"No I haven't," said Rainbow, "Why? You want me to try it?"

Applejack gave her a smirk. "Yeah. Come ta think of it, three hundred pounds might be a good start fer ya," she said while she gently massaged and jiggled her semi-giant-boulder-sized belly, "No more unless if ya wanna keep goin' that is."

Rainbow's face became very blushed. Her tongue came out of her mouth and licked her lips. "Well I am a little hungry," she admitted, "You don't have any fruits and veggies do you?"

Sunset only had one banana and she knew exactly what to do with it: make a banana split. After she was done, she gave it to her with the spoon. "I only had one banana so I made a banana split," she said.

"Good enough," said Rainbow as she went ahead and ate part of it. "I think I'm full," she said.

"Already? You don't look full," said Sunset.

"Yeah, but I feel full," said Rainbow, "I don't think I can eat the rest of it for now."

"Aw, sugarcube," said Applejack as she touched Rainbow's shoulder, "I felt that way too fer the first time, but I've been pushin' through it ta get ta five hundred pounds. Now, I want ya ta do the same thang."

Rainbow started to feel confident and tried her best to finish up the banana split. When she was eating it, the three scoops of ice cream softened a tiny bit.

"That's it," said Applejack with a smile, "Finish it up b'fore it melts!"

A few minutes later, Rainbow looked kind of the same as before but a tiny bit chubby.

"I need to feed you some trail mix next," said Sunset as she got the whole bag of it. She opened it and fed them to her.

As Rainbow was still being fed by Sunset, her belly started to grow to the size of a volleyball, then a basketball and finally a small beach ball. After her first-time feeding time, she clutched her big belly while feeling sick. "That was off limits for me to take!" she said with a small burp, "Ugh! I don't feel so good."

"Don't worry," said Sunset as she took her to the living room, "You get breaks from time to time. For right now, just take a break for a while till you feel better. I'll set up the food in the kitchen."

Rainbow laid down on the couch and tried to rest but she couldn't because of the pain inside of her big belly. About a couple of hours later, she felt better, and she didn't feel the same pain anymore.

Sunset checked on her and was relieved. "Now that you're better, let's check on your weight on the weight scale and see how far you are from your weight goal," she said, "Your weight goal is three hundred pounds."

Rainbow stepped on the weight scale, and it said 283 lbs.

"See? You're making great progress!" said Sunset, "A few more and you'll make it! Speaking of which, time to gain more weight! I've got the food set up and they're ready to be eaten."

Rainbow hoped that she was gonna be eating some protein bars, granola bars, salads, and other things healthy, but became unimpressed when it turned out to be a lot of main courses, snacks and sweets. Aw c'mon! she thought, You KNOW I love healthy stuff! Then she tried to deal with it and started to get fed by Sunset again. She grew fatter and her belly started to grow bigger and bigger while she was still eating.

After an another feeding time, Rainbow's belly grew to the size of a bigger beach ball, and she was starting to like being fat for once in a while, which was a weird feeling to her. "I think I might wanna reach a thousand pounds too," she said.

Sunset and Applejack couldn't believe what she said to them, but they smiled anyway.

"Really?" asked Applejack, "Ya really mean it?"

Rainbow smiled back at her. "Of course I mean it," she said, "I'll have to reach five hundred pounds first to catch up with you. We'll reach a thousand pounds together."

Applejack had never expected Rainbow to say that to her. Her tears started to fill up her eyes and became emotional a tiny bit. "Th-Thanks, sugarcube!" she said.

"No prob, AJ," said Rainbow with a determined look on her face, "Now I need some catching up to do, and we'll be ready for a really big moment!" She stepped on the weight scale again and this time, it said 324 lbs. "Aw yeah!" she said with her fist jerked downwards, "I'm getting there!" She turned to Sunset. "Hey Sunset, I'm still hungry!"

Sunset got excited and eagerly got the food for her. She got out the five-foot sub and held it for her to make it easier to eat.

Rainbow then started to eat it. As she was still eating, she grew a whole lot fatter and her belly grew to the size of a little bigger beach ball. Then she started to eat some main courses, and she was two times fatter and her belly grew to the exact same size as Applejack's.

Afterwards, she stepped on the weight scale again and this time, it said 500 lbs. "Awesome!!!" she exclaimed excitingly, "Now AJ and I'll get to a thousand pounds together!!!" She and Applejack hugged each other with some squishy and squeezy pressures on their fatty bodies and their huge beach-ball-sized bellies. Now they were ready to gain five hundred more pounds.

Note: NeonGoThic asked me to post his illustrations for him so some people wouldn't get confused with his Applejack story.
safe1584870 artist:neongothic158 applejack159711 rainbow dash220722 sunset shimmer57433 fanfic:a 1000 pound cowgirl?!? i don't think so!4 equestria girls182700 equestria girls series29190 amplejack129 applefat507 appleshimmer200 bbw3943 belly25011 belly button68748 big belly8948 boots19274 burger1641 chubby cheeks3208 double chin1491 fast food262 fat20140 fat fetish1210 female1184704 fetish35349 food62089 hamburger545 high heel boots4901 huge belly2183 illustration316 junk food54 legs7253 lesbian90402 morbidly obese7023 obese10441 rainblob dash733 shipping184341 shoes30970 show accurate11407 ssbbw1512 story included8084 sunsetdash126


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I don't know why, but I really like Rainbow Dash here. She has really cute chubby face.

I wish you (or someone else) draw her again in higher resolution in exact same pose, with transparent background.
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I hope we get to see RD and AJ in their underwear because their clothes are too tight

So, Neon, you plan on adding the Dazzlings to the main universe? dying to write something in the comment section again.
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Is that a bag of Five Guys hamburgers I see? I guess that explains a lot, LOL…*

Kinda surprised Rainbow Dash would turn to be a "junk food junkie" (you know, her being an athlete and all), but it's an interesting concept…

*BTW, Five Guys is awesome…
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I don't know, it was only a question about what you actually thought, and I certainly won't force you to do any of it. I just wish to know whom you would pick, and how tall and heavy they would be.
I kinda' ask people questions or compliment them as it is.