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safe (1393744)artist:cascayd (163)oc (509250)oc:bobby pin (1)oc:cherry tart (8)oc:daylight gleam (14)oc only (356251)oc:spectra (38)oc:storm current (1)oc:summer blitz (1)adoptable (1267)earth pony (138460)female (725272)for sale (166)freckles (19069)magical lesbian spawn (8080)mare (317833)next generation (4225)offspring (27779)parent:applejack (2650)parent:cheese sandwich (1340)parent:coco pommel (147)parent:fluttershy (3268)parent:marble pie (272)parent:pinkie pie (3015)parent:rainbow dash (4156)parent:rarity (2941)parents:cheesepie (1152)parent:shining armor (999)parents:marbleshy (17)parents:marshmallow coco (19)parents:shiningjack (14)parents:sunsetsparkle (314)parent:sunset shimmer (1125)parents:vapordash (9)parent:twilight sparkle (5947)parent:vapor trail (80)pegasus (177873)pony (659691)simple background (281778)unicorn (190499)white background (69477)


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