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artist description:
Stay Away! (Blizzard's Backstory: Part 3)


I hope you all like it!

Flurry Heart is pacing angrily in the hall leading to the balcony, the storm growing ever nearer outside.

Flurry: grunts Who does Blizzard think she is? I clearly said for her not to get into trouble, and just guess what she does? She just runs off like she completely forgot what I said! grunts I hate how she's so inconsiderate of every word I say! You hear me? I HATE HER!!!

Suddenly, the dragon who has the Crystal Heart breaks through the opening to the balcony, and is heading straight towards Flurry Heart.

Flurry: AAAAAAH!! No, please, NOOOOO!!!!

Just as the dragon was about to attack Flurry Heart, Blizzard jumps in front of her, putting up a magic shield around Flurry and herself.

Blizzard: Stay away from my sister!

The dragon claws at the magic shield, and the shield starts to crack. Blizzard spots the Crystal Heart slip out of the dragon's grasp.

Blizzard: And I'll take that, thank you!

Blizzard teleports the Crystal Heart into the magic shield with her, the shield now being significantly damaged. It was in that moment that something extraordinary happened. When Blizzard levitated the Crystal Heart, its magic activated, and she and Flurry realized that she could control the Crystal Heart. They both began to see that Blizzard's shield was about to break.

Blizzard: This is for my sister, for the Crystal Empire, and for Equestria!

Flurry: Blizzy, NOOO!!

Blizzard's shield breaks, and the dragon claws at Blizzard, right as the Crystal Heart blasts the dragon and the storm into oblivion, never to harm the Crystal Empire again.


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