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Alicorn Sweetie Belle? Alicorn Sweetie Belle.
safe1555915 artist:alushythetyrant79 screencap195281 sweetie belle46287 alicorn191090 anthro226066 3d61021 alicornified4409 breasts235020 busty sweetie belle1741 clothes401301 fallout3074 fallout 4718 fallout 4 equestria mod56 heads up display19 pipboy458 race swap12312 sanctuary hills3 sweetiecorn64 vault suit3162


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Consentacles and boobs!

I should really restart my game just to take over Vault 88 for that reason, since she was the Overmare of Stable 2… But I also don't have the time to keep restarting games and getting all of my weapons/armor/perks/misc. back either. D:
At least the NICE thing about Vault 88, you don't have to worry about unlocking settlements or helping overworld settlers.