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Urban: Ashamed Starlight… help me, please, I’m stuck!  
Starlight: Oh, what a shame! Answered, while smilling Just give me a moment…  
U: Suddenly feeling something around her back. The blush began deepening and arousal grows inside her as her butt kept expanding more and more S-Starlight… !  
S: What? Asked while grinning.  
U: S-stop it! Blushed and the sweat drop run through her face This is not helping!  
S: Indeed! I can see it getting bigger… softer… heavier… FATTER…  
U: B-but Blushed even more, the pony began teasing her right now, using her weak points! There are other ponies watching me and…  
S: And they can’t wait for the show, let’s continue showing them how do you enjoy this… Why to hide such a cute secret… ?  
Gift from Felsette, so much thanks to you! <3
suggestive162188 artist:felsette57 oc787320 oc only583266 oc:urban wave38 pony1225660 unicorn401991 blank flank8326 bottom heavy981 butt expansion1352 embarrassed12771 extra thicc1116 fat24615 growth6528 growth spell98 high res76326 huge butt12018 hyper pear33 implied starlight glimmer484 impossibly large butt8216 impossibly large hips107 impossibly wide ass117 impossibly wide hips2466 inflation10556 large butt21975 magic inflation57 pear628 pear shaped73 plump7702 solo1195997 stuck3106 surprised10510 teasing4275 the ass was fat16894 the ass was too fat292 thick5077 too fat to fit131 too fat to get through100 wide hips21547 wide load177


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