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safe (1458599)artist:n0nnny (515)rainbow dash (207088)twilight sparkle (265460)cat (4616)cat pony (262)original species (19068)pegasus (197937)pony (723931)unicorn (215446):< (895):3 (3575)animated (86179)behaving like a cat (1649)blushing (158105)blush sticker (1816)cat paws (69)cheek fluff (3326)cute (153986)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2688)dashabetes (6919)duo (40704)exclamation point (2974)eyes closed (69965)fail (1237)falling (2291)female (785689)floppy ears (42222)frame by frame (970)gif (24503)head rub (28)lesbian (84164)lidded eyes (19878)mare (351031)n0nnny is trying to murder us (16)nuzzling (3412)paws (3683)shipping (168469)simple background (299179)sitting (47451)smiling (188457)snuggling (6182)surprised (7067)text (42149)twiabetes (8636)twidash (4812)underpaw (1033)weapons-grade cute (2774)white background (74617)wide eyes (14956)


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Banned for voting
I used to :)

I had two cats for over 14 years together. A female tabby and a male black bombay. They cleaned, played with, and did cute stuff exactly that this gif.

Long story short the bombay always slept in the same area under my old treehouse for all those years. Eventually, my tabby died so I buried her in my garden. Since that day my bombay for the past four years sleeps next to where I buried the tabby in the garden.
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