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New commission done! Big hug snug.
safe (1341757)artist:hoodie (316)fluttershy (173920)rainbow dash (193555)adorasexy (6657)anthro (186114)bed (28476)biting (2520)blue coat (157)blushing (142634)clothes (327909)cuddling (6637)cute (132179)cutie mark (30732)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2145)dashabetes (5875)digital art (6341)duo (34637)eyes closed (62062)female (681366)flutterdash (3771)heart (35249)hoodie (9392)lesbian (74488)pegasus (163839)pillow (11700)pink hair (626)sexy (16045)shipping (151228)shorts (9339)short-sleeved hoodie (1)shyabetes (8213)sleeping (17959)sleepy (1130)smiling (167328)snuggling (5963)sweater (10833)sweatershy (2832)wings (43635)


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Background Pony #A734
Fluttershy’s soft mane + Fluttershy’s soft fur + Fluttershy’s soft hoodie.
That must be a level of comfy beyond mortal comprehension.
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