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New commission done! Big hug snug.
safe1919103 artist:hoodie345 fluttershy233206 rainbow dash254879 pegasus382606 anthro304536 adorasexy11137 bed48331 biting4412 blue coat610 blushing230994 clothes540227 cuddling9416 cute228366 cutie mark51946 daaaaaaaaaaaw5581 dashabetes10674 digital art24612 eyes closed115164 female1554531 flutterdash4931 heart58281 hoodie17190 lesbian106526 pillow21659 pink hair1733 sexy35998 shipping224709 short-sleeved hoodie3 shorts16604 shyabetes16392 sleeping26043 sleepy1882 smiling315381 snuggling6895 sweater16695 sweatershy3336 wings163107


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Background Pony #637D
Fluttershy’s soft mane + Fluttershy’s soft fur + Fluttershy’s soft hoodie.  
That must be a level of comfy beyond mortal comprehension.