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Breakfast at Celestia’s__
Don’t mind the Sun Princess! She’s totally just preparing some breakfast for a special somepony.
suggestive165422 artist:wildetrashbag24 princess celestia102440 twilight sparkle324892 alicorn261185 pony1249388 ahegao28470 breakfast is ruined18 chest fluff49756 crepuscular rays3614 drool28647 ear fluff38974 female1538861 fetish46581 floppy ears61339 fluffy16079 food82661 food fetish49 foodplay1828 fruit1251 i'm pancake247 implied fetish22 leg fluff3683 legs in air4379 levitation13684 magic82782 majestic as fuck1389 mare579249 messy2373 messy mane8748 on back28232 open mouth184070 pancakes1500 pouring167 smiling310044 spread wings69270 sticky281 syrup272 table10685 telekinesis32313 tongue out122023 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134831 wat20369 wide eyes18361 window10445 wing fluff1866 wingboner8847 wings159106


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That's is my fetishes.
This is exactly what Twilight was dreaming of before she abruptly woke up yelling “I’M PANCAKE!”
Poor girl never got to finish that dream…