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Kilian Art Commissions!

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Here’s a commission I did for speedywaggin! They wanted a MLP Movie Style Reference Sheet of their OC Mandaes Ironheart.

Art, OC Design, and Cutie Mark Design Done by me
Mandaes Ironheart belongs to speedywaggin

If you're interested of having your OC or ponysona drawn in the style of the movie, its only $15 (If you would only like the sketch its only $7)! This includes the full body and the head shot!

safe1639349 artist:showtimeandcoal190 oc643027 oc only426841 oc:mandaes ironheart1 earth pony224104 pony905079 absurd resolution64847 chains4679 chainsaw740 colt14073 commission61334 digital408 digital art15905 facial hair5426 goatee1388 jewelry57190 male351135 movie accurate1061 necklace16913 reference4084 reference sheet11508 simple background370820 solo1020039 stallion100655 style112 transparent background192546 ych result19260


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