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Here he goes again, teasing the Captain of the royal guard in Aseanna. All Mochi wanted was a day for herself so she resorted to sneaking out, with permission from her girlfriend obviously. As the royal guard, Mochi had been pressured a lot to keep Aseanna safe and sound. Of course, she was ever so blissfully rewarded by the princess for her hard work. She was just leaving the castle when a gray colt landed in a distance, flapping his wings to assist him to touch the ground. She had grumbled, lowering her head a little and when she was just walking past him with her head held up high, she expected him to bow down… But he didn't.

"Where are you headed, cutie?" He asked, grinning when he noticed how her fur had fluffed up. "I am not cute!" She snapped, facing him. Her cheeks were starting to cherry up at the compliment. "Awh, are you getting flustered?" He cooed and her fur made her look like a fluff ball. Squeaking sounds escaped her before glaring at him. She straightened up, just like she always does to look intimidating, and… Stared up at him. Why was she born with such a small height but with so much magical power?

"State your presence." She ordered as he tilted his head at her with a lopsided grin. "Is this you trying to scare me?" He asked with a chuckle and her figure deflated a bit. "You're in the presence of the royal guard and I command you to state your presence!" She commanded once again and this time, she almost shouted. He looked a bit taken back at this screaming fluff ball of flustered rage before sitting down so she can at least be near his height. It didn't really work.

"You see, I would tell you why I'm here but honestly, I don't really know. It's gotten boring up there so I decided to visit." He spoke, scratching his neck with the tip of his hoof. She stared in disgust and utter disbelief, "Well, I don't feel like joking around so if you would please, leave me alone for a bit." She retorted and turned around to walk away. Oh how she just wanted to take a walk or just cuddle the rest of the day with her princess… Maybe in the bathtub too. Her cheeks were already going back to their faint blush as her fur hugged her body once more at the thought of her princess; she just loved her so much.

"I didn't know your ass had a big heart pattern. That's so adorable."

Fluffed Fur.

Tomato cheeks.

Turn around,

And let out a bunch of incoherent squeaks.

As I promised, I would draw anyone who would give me core lol and this duck decided to pay extra so here it is. This is based on a true story, I was tortured with the compliments and this bitch wouldn't stop until I accidentally hit my foot against the wall. I can't keep a straight convo with his ass because he keeps just "oh that's adorable" and I just swear, I can fookin deck the guy.


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