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A sketch of this has been lying around on my hard drive for a few months now, wanted to do something quick and fun so i finished this off.

Why did i draw this?
1. I need to draw these two more often
2. High of mediocre obscure memes i guess, i really don't know…

Also not sure if i'm gonna upload this anywhere else, so enjoy you're derpibooru exclusive
suggestive129414 artist:foxkai76 derpibooru exclusive24648 button mash3800 oc612849 oc:cream heart2088 /ss/66 buttoncest336 female933077 hey kid you wanna ss?25 implied incest1478 incest12514 juice1210 juice box897 male309950 meme78842 mother and son2644 straight122815 straight shota1170


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