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suggestive (113047)artist:tjpones (2648)princess luna (88004)alicorn (163512)pony (697877)caught (2644)dialogue (50635)female (759890)grin (28037):i (1251)implied straight (4810)mare (335116)monochrome (134458)royal guard (6449)smiling (183159)spread wings (40963)sweat (19889)wingboner (7272)wings (52968)


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TJ actually draws lewds but on an alternate account (I’ve seen some of it). I also recall him saying on his Tumblr sayings something like while he enjoys lewds and occasionally draws it, he feels his style doesn’t fit lewd art all too much.
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I think TJ has a folder of experimental l00ds drawn periodically to see if his style works with it (it does, but only in a cute way). Then after getting that out of his system, he decides not to post and draws something else instead.

I think TJ likes lewds. To what extent, we’ll never know.
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What’re you talking about? I know for a fact you’ve done at least one piece of NSFW art:
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"Showing the guard your appreciation for hardwood, are we, Luna?"

I’m totally fine with the fact TJPones doesn’t do NSFW. In fact, I find the vaguely-NSFW things more comical as a result.

Does TJPones not draw NSFW

Or does TJPones not post NSFW

I see, you’re just biding your time. The day this site closes, it’s going to be pages of nothing but the hardest of cores.

But seriously, either option is fine with me. There are days I really need something innocent and good natured, and you tend to deliver on that.
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