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safe1750833 artist:pika-robo344 lyra heartstrings30102 pony1010788 unicorn342387 spoiler:infinity war13 3d80350 animated100828 avengers: infinity war242 creepy4438 equestria is doomed165 female1402155 glowing horn20531 goodbye cruel world7 grin40948 hand9050 horn77663 infinity gauntlet209 infinity stones74 insanity2660 irrational exuberance624 magic75397 mare502318 nightmare fuel3836 oh no301 perfect loop1474 shrunken pupils3379 smiling261068 source filmmaker48485 squee1974 telekinesis28736 thanos212 that pony sure does love hands287 this will end in death2536 this will end in hands1 this will end with half of equestria dying6 we're all doomed36 wide eyes17398 xk-class end-of-the-universe scenario41 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2410


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Background Pony #95F7
@Daniel F2E1
Just willing things to happen while having the infinity stones of whatever Universe you inhabit will force said Universe to bend to your will. Thanos snapping his fingers didn't actually do anything except show how quickly the stones let him wipe out half the life in the Universe, and the near effortlessness with which they allowed him to accomplish this nigh incomprehensible task.
Background Pony #95F7
@Prometheus labs CEO
It really doesn't matter. You don't need to snap your fingers to use the Infinity Stones, you need only to have them. However, I don't doubt that Lyra will enjoy snapping her newly added fingers anyway.
Background Pony #0615
Its ok folks, I think you have to be able to wear it to make the gauntlet work either that or we're screwed!
Background Pony #0B06
Of all the things tagged Nightmare Fuel, this is the only one thus far to make me think

Background Pony #C2A8
well its been fun but now we are all going to possibly be teleported to equstria or {INFINITY WAR SPOILERS}