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Of Babes and Heartbreaks Page 02
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Background Pony #D61E
Oh, Arias in da house! Time to spoil that baby rotten and teach her the ways of the Aria. :D Sunset should just marry both of them. Then she’d have the best of both worlds.
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Background Pony #7904
You have a perfect chance to set the story straight here. Aria is the outside party, Sunset can explain herself. Although maybe not in front of Twilight… then again Twilight might turn that into trust issues and demand to know as well. Nice little powder keg you got there.
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Background Pony #AB28
So she been cheating on twilight this whole time with Aria or what?

It’s even worse that she has a kiddo as well lmao
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I hate to say but I’m workin on rewriting the timeline of when these kind of events pan out; while they all DO happen I’m still not sure what experience goes when. So take the dates for those up in the air till I figure it out myself rip me

EDIT: English omg what is
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Literary siren
I don’t think that one is canon, but I certainly can’t say for sure not being the artist myself. If I recall (and this was a rather long time ago) Adge drew that as NSFW practice (and looking at the description here on Derpi it seems I may be right on that part, or at least pretty close)

Edit: although honestly thinking of it, since it’s been established that they’ve had sex or at least experimented with sexuality, I don’t see why this wouldn’t be canon.

Edit again: lmao never mind Adge said it’s not xD
Background Pony #7904
Well, she will, apparently, but I guess not enough? The artist was pretty damned adamant that despite being asexual, Twi has had sex with Sunny, it just wasn’t directly referenced in storyline whereas Twi being asexual was.
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