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safe (1426169)artist:slugbox (471)princess celestia (83484)alicorn (162809)pony (694242)bag (2507)belt (3599)boots (16000)cigar (629)coin (553)cowboy hat (10445)cowgirl (378)female (757875)firearm (301)gun (12324)hat (64543)holster (265)mare (334009)moneybags (16)noose (414)pistol (1596)revolver (1310)simple background (290078)solo (874257)stetson (4421)weapon (22757)western (233)white background (71970)wild westia (15)


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Ponibooru quote by Psychopomf:

Cue fitting music

Ain’t nobody knows how she stays so pristine and untarnished. It seems like the dirt and blood of this world just don’t wanna leave a stain on that pretty white coat. Gotta wonder if blood might, but she doesn’t ever seem like she wants to hurt nopony.

Doesn’t make what she’s doin’ round these parts any less suspicious.

Rumor has it she use-ta be someone high and mighty in the Old world.

I believe ’em. Ponies used to be a lot of things before the Calamity.
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