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Anon in a panic while he's surrounded by Shimmer, Glimmer and Nyx hugging him while in the top right it says

"You cannot Fast Travel when enemies are nearby"
safe1681753 artist:plunger208 starlight glimmer47931 sunset shimmer61951 oc669097 oc:anon11596 oc:nyx2175 alicorn219760 human152124 pony943811 unicorn313007 4chan6625 alicorn oc25817 clothes450629 cute196129 drawthread2356 fallout3419 female1340863 glimmerbetes3780 hug27751 human male6598 male364480 mare468853 shimmerbetes4315 starlightnyxshimmer15 suit5721 sweat25686


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Background Pony #0BB5
@Background Pony #D347: How is saying "Starlight is worst pony" a lie? Nevermind that you can't back up that claim with actual evidence.

Also, no one who's "best pony" gets off the hook easily trying to change history just because they're bitter about a previously received well-deserved flank kicking.