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Voila, a Noctis design I actually really like!
She got some color updates as well as an alternate design tied to her powers, oh and an extra eye.

Noctis does not posses any unicorn magic, meaning she can't levitate even the smallest of things despite having magical horns. The powers she does posses is the ability to make others see hallucinations or visions of things that aren't there. Her powers are heavily tied to her emotions and they have been known to spiral out of control when she is experiencing extreme negative emotions of anger, sadness, fear and embaressment. During these situations the ponies recieving the visions will see nightmarish imagery and Noctis herself will appear as a demonic version of herself.

When using her magic her third eye opens (that she normally tries to keep closed at all times) and her eyes turn orange.

I will add more general information about Noctis tomorrow, right now I need to sleep but just wanted to upload this and throw some relevant information in.
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