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Colored version of >>1755695
Artist’s Description:
~~Pabbu attempts to paint ~~ Took waaaay too long though xP, What do you guys think?
safe1972992 alternate version69175 artist:pabbley2592 twilight sparkle333100 alicorn274721 pony1325066 30 minute art challenge7991 :35844 :p12230 adorkable4056 colored22274 cute236576 dancing9857 dialogue80325 do the sparkle230 dork4374 female1604806 fluffy16928 frog (hoof)17487 hnnng2632 leg fluff3928 mare619169 mlem1039 raised hoof59954 raised leg10005 raspberry1217 raspberry noise370 silly8241 smiling331686 solo1269432 spread wings75572 sweet dreams fuel1885 tongue out128769 twiabetes13868 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138630 underhoof61829 weapons-grade cute4301 wings175425


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