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explicit343789 artist:dimwitdog1680 tempest shadow16622 pony941594 unicorn312016 armor23346 balls74200 blushing193007 broken horn13686 casual nudity6495 clothed female nude male1837 cock shock203 dialogue63976 embarrassed11126 eye scar4947 eyes on the prize5342 female1338557 funny porn1124 horsecock66827 male363492 mare467702 medial ring5282 monochrome147952 nudity362122 partial color5107 penis150014 penis awe67 scar11685 speech bubble22570 sweat25611 we don't normally wear clothes887


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Background Pony #0B80
@Neko Majin C
Horsecocks usually retract into a sheath when flaccid, so cock size would be a non-issue most of the time.
Though that must mean that the stallion (or futa mare) she's talking too sees where Tempy's staring and is getting turned on by her gaze.
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Background Pony #704B
I say she been out of Equestria a little too long to have know how daily life work there now.

Changeling Guard-Consort
When I requested this one, I didn’t expect it to be so perfect! Or popular!

I think she needs it more than she’ll admit~
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"S-so you all just walk around naked?"
"And have um… s-sex in public?"
"With strangers, even?"
"Can… can I suck? Please?"