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explicit326729 artist:dimwitdog1677 tempest shadow16152 pony881779 unicorn284683 armor22313 balls69382 blushing182338 broken horn13187 casual nudity6106 clothed female nude male1744 cock shock199 dialogue60916 embarrassed10535 eye scar4608 eyes on the prize5122 female1284939 funny porn1071 horsecock62589 male343331 mare438968 medial ring4501 monochrome144706 nudity343199 partial color4862 penis141762 penis awe56 scar10837 speech bubble21171 sweat24199 we don't normally wear clothes823


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23 comments posted
Background Pony #0B80
@Neko Majin C
Horsecocks usually retract into a sheath when flaccid, so cock size would be a non-issue most of the time.
Though that must mean that the stallion (or futa mare) she's talking too sees where Tempy's staring and is getting turned on by her gaze.
Background Pony #704B
I say she been out of Equestria a little too long to have know how daily life work there now.

Changeling Guard-Consort
When I requested this one, I didn’t expect it to be so perfect! Or popular!

I think she needs it more than she’ll admit~
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"S-so you all just walk around naked?"
"And have um… s-sex in public?"
"With strangers, even?"
"Can… can I suck? Please?"