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"Hey look at that, Tempest!"
"Keep your voice down, you're drawing attention."
"But it's really cool!"
"And it probably wants to hurt us. Now keep your head down, and don't let go of my hand."
"Can't we take a peek?"

Tempest has some pirate-y business in Shady Street in Criminal City somewhere deep in the land of Creepyplace. At least that's what Sunset's dubbed it. Tempest doesn't intend to correct her. Tempest just wishes the filly would have worn something slightly less bright and eye-catching. She should have left her on the ship, but Sunset's never going to learn how to be a badass like her without seeing what's really out there, and the business propositions that bring people like her out here. Such is the life of a sky-pirate.

A piece I made a while back but never actually rendered. So, here we are, some more Sunset and Tempest adopted sisters AU thing
safe (1500808) artist:tahublade7 (406) applejack (153516) sunset shimmer (53948) tempest shadow (13704) alien (968) anthro (213670) changeling (36257) 3d (56079) adopted offspring (927) alley (305) alternate universe (7336) boots (17161) city (3346) clothes (381471) contrast (124) creepy (3648) cute (162803) female (824902) filly (55286) filly applejack (367) filly sunset (156) garage (123) holding hands (2096) jacket (9638) jewelry (43930) leather jacket (2681) necklace (13460) one of these things is not like the others (179) shirt (18843) shoes (26588) skirt (33525) sneakers (4435) socks (52896) t-shirt (3037) trash (379) wine bottle (341) younger (14611)


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