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Meanwhile, in another timeline…

Rainbow Dash has not been a very good pet at all. Not once but twice she dared to disobey her Master, pulling his cock out of her throat without permission to do so, claiming that “it hurt too much”, and she “could barely breath”. No self-respecting Master would ever want to own a pet so… fragile, so clearly, some rather extensive training was in order.
explicit343796 grimdark29642 artist:alcor974 rainbow dash230969 pegasus281395 pony941598 abuse7554 abusive human162 abusive relationship32 anal insertion8672 anatomically correct23320 bdsm6550 blowjob31140 bondage32949 bound wings3472 crying42691 dashabuse745 deepthroat5217 dildo13752 disproportionate retribution195 dock48504 double penetration4260 eyes closed90342 female1338569 femsub10498 floppy ears50832 frog (hoof)12288 fucking machine697 hair pulling934 insertion17427 machine1120 maledom4491 mare467707 master551 multiple penetration3817 nudity362128 oral47750 penetration56510 prolonged stimulation160 punishment856 rainbond dash403 rape8021 rape as punishment229 restrained1318 rope11213 rope bondage3853 sadism154 sex118517 sex toy24941 solo1045399 solo female177032 spitroast2879 submissive16239 tail holder468 tail pull2184 throat bulge3551 tied down215 torture782 underhoof50772 wing pull40


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Background Pony #0FDF
Machines don't need to rest, take breaks, change from one to another, or otherwise leave assigned holes unoccupied for even a second, so they're clearly superior for the task. Also, infinite magical healing lube.
Can't argue that one. Mindless, infinite endurance is clearly the way to go.

Although I never got why so many of these contraptions go to the trouble of putting a monitor there for the subject to see, and only use it to display a countdown or the time elapsed. I mean, wouldn't it be more effective (punishment wise) to have the countdown clock located outside of her field of view? That way she knows no beginning or end, just a seemingly endless, unrelenting experience. Plus then you can use the display to enhance the training with videos or something.

#1 Sweetie-Do-Well fan
As soon as Alcor takes commissions I swear to fuck I will jump first in line to throw my money at him for something like this!!
Background Pony #6A52
Seems more to me that her master is a chode that doesn't know his pet's own limits. Thus, he is a bad master.
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Rainbow love Dash life
Eh, not too into the brutal stuff. All for power plays done in either direction, but mind-break stuff is a bit too dark IMO

Most artist draw Rainbow being submissive one