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safe1707108 artist:mykegreywolf572 gabby2418 gallus6737 griffon27076 armpits42941 bag4707 chest fluff39163 cloud30743 cute199890 daaaaaaaaaaaw3896 dots56 featured image878 female1363713 fluffy14251 flying38176 gabbus31 gabbybetes422 gallabetes854 heart48397 high res29582 hnnng2432 letter3052 love5007 love letter300 mailbag882 male372912 mykegreywolf is trying to murder us1 open mouth145959 question mark4528 raised eyebrow6572 shipping200308 sky14160 smiling248654 spread wings54743 straight136435 sweet dreams fuel1598 wings107503


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Plot twist: The love letter in Gabby's claw is actually from Silverstream. And the heart from Gabby is how she gives her letters to her clients.
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That’s two characters becoming friends. I don’t remember any official announcement they’re dating. I think you may be reading too much into that ep.
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You are my sunshine~

A thousand years is a long time, bro. If I lived that long while retaining my youth, I would probably get sick of being "the old wise one" and try to fit in with the modern youth. How do you do, fellow kids? Although, without the internet, I'd probably stick out like a sore thumb because I can't do proper research on youth culture because all the newspapers are biased against young people and publish completely incorrect things about how they act

Either that or I'd become like that vampire from Tumblr that ruthlessly mixes together all slang from the past 500 years.