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Maud Knows Her Rocks. This was my part of a the RPG Pony Art Pack that I did a while ago. Its been several months so I am…
explicit326729 artist:pusspuss637 maud pie11993 earth pony215463 golem194 pony881782 art pack:rpg22 armor22313 camera flashes81 cellphone3040 crotchboobs19360 fantasy class1430 female1284939 hammer1620 interspecies21252 male343331 mare438968 monster2144 nipples151324 nudity343200 patreon11918 patreon logo8341 penetration52251 penis141763 phone5462 rock4148 sex111175 smartphone1659 straight127698 vaginal36039 war hammer275 warrior1261 weapon28391


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19 comments posted
Background Pony #FED2
Years of playing Command & Conquer makes me instantly suspicious of glowing green crystals.
Background Pony #DBD0
these are very interesting crystal golems aside from them using a phone somehow? Can't wait to see more like this! :D
Background Pony #00AF
"One of you is going to make me cum, or else I'm going to harvest all of your crystals. Now, who's next?"
Background Pony #AB4F
That golem in the back on the right is just like, "Holy shit! Dude, look at this. I have a dick!"
Background Pony #A336
What a cool fantasy design for Maud. And what do we get with it?