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Maud Knows Her Rocks. This was my part of a the RPG Pony Art Pack that I did a while ago. Its been several months so I am…
explicit343796 artist:pusspuss638 maud pie12320 earth pony238708 golem200 pony941598 art pack:rpg22 armor23347 camera flashes85 cellphone3362 crotchboobs20630 fantasy class1482 female1338571 hammer1690 interspecies22362 male363497 mare467708 monster2219 nipples161885 nudity362128 patreon12440 patreon logo8564 penetration56510 penis150017 phone5954 rock4340 sex118518 smartphone1870 straight133666 vaginal38474 war hammer282 warrior1298 weapon29857


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Background Pony #FED2
Years of playing Command & Conquer makes me instantly suspicious of glowing green crystals.
Background Pony #DBD0
these are very interesting crystal golems aside from them using a phone somehow? Can't wait to see more like this! :D
Background Pony #00AF
"One of you is going to make me cum, or else I'm going to harvest all of your crystals. Now, who's next?"
Background Pony #AB4F
That golem in the back on the right is just like, "Holy shit! Dude, look at this. I have a dick!"
Background Pony #A336
What a cool fantasy design for Maud. And what do we get with it?