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explicit326729 artist:tomatocoup331 lyra heartstrings28397 dragon50820 pony881782 unicorn284689 art pack:rpg22 ambiguous gender2008 bard248 cunnilingus9115 dragonsub2 fantasy class1430 female1284939 femdom7535 hat79430 holding a pony2706 human vagina on pony3525 hypnosis3136 interspecies21252 lasso1216 licking18732 magic68356 male343331 mare438968 nudity343200 oral45441 pony domination133 ponydom48 rope10636 rpg1017 sex111175 size difference12819 straight127698 tongue out94855 tongue penetration28 vulva117037


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15 comments posted
Background Pony #6597
This is already a hot piece and all…but I think it'd be even hotter if it was somehow implied that the dragon was a shrimp and Lyra's mind-control on him made him go all "Me WANT!" and grow to that size <3

deadpan Oh no, I might get mind controlled by a beautiful pony and forced to have sex with her, how can I avoid such a cruel fate…