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> Cyberpunk 2077: Twily V

I decided to make art for cyberpunk 2077 because i wasssss…. on the hype train. But I still hope it’s gonna be good game.

Full resolution version

SFW Version
explicit326731 artist:nevobaster222 twilight sparkle288105 alicorn205764 pony881783 absurd resolution64251 alternate hairstyle25651 anatomically correct22075 anus89710 bend over671 billboard166 butt41258 button852 car5693 catsuit1220 city3880 clothes425404 colored wings5207 crotchless271 cyberpunk1262 cyberpunk 207754 dark genitals9858 dock45728 dock piercing502 ear piercing23112 female1284944 frog (hoof)11011 future503 gun15048 handgun2508 jacket11348 japanese8042 kanji176 latex10601 looking at you152319 looking back51867 looking back at you12388 mare438969 multicolored hair4788 multicolored wings2287 nudity343201 open mouth129672 pants12952 perineal raphe697 piercing36907 pistol1958 plot73025 ponut40062 presenting22366 privates exposed1 punklight sparkle709 rear view10669 skyscraper232 solo1002443 solo female171491 spread legs17561 spread wings49588 spreading17256 stupid sexy twilight861 taint4787 text53497 tire56 tongue out94857 twibutt4912 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118285 underhoof48027 vagina46806 vulva117038 weapon28391 wings87396 zipper706


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In 2077 they voted my site the worst place to be on the Internet.
Main issues? Skyhigh rate of pornposting and more vorefags than anywhere else.
I can't deny it, it's all true. But everybody still wants to be here.
Derpibooru always has a promise to you, may be high res, a new meme, but it's there, in the next upload, and it keeps you browsing.
It's a site for horsefucker, and I'm a big horsefucker.
Gamma ray

I'm so hyped for Cyberpunk 2077, it's the best game of E3, and I was hyped for Fallout 76, until mutiplayer… But Cyberpunk, bring that to me! Fuck yah!!
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Wow… this jewel plug looks veeery great "in" her and these colors are very fit with her too. And It looks like plug was already in her in final version. Very well done! I even share this edit with my few friends.

SFW Version is here

Вот и сделал SFW версию, но к сожалению она не будет прям гармонично влезать для обоев, как я думаю. Я, конечно, могу расширить границы по бокам, но это будет слишком много работы и наверное не слишком целесообразно.
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I am the blarg.
This drawing is awesome! Absolutely love it.

Just out of sheer curiosity, I wanted to see what Twilight would look like with a jewel plug since I figured it'd fit her rebellious, punky look here, so I cut out Rarity's from your other drawing here >>1696854, inserted it into this one, and color-adjusted it appropriately. Turned out pretty good, I think!

High res here if anyone wants it:
Background Pony #7E71
don't get it why people are excited for a game that been in development for how long now ? 5 years ? and we still don't know what it is lol, but Twily looks amazing here :P