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safe1690291 artist:lumineko2793 sweetie belle48694 android617 pony951920 robot7695 robot pony3555 unicorn316385 carousel boutique2114 comic108097 cooking1057 cutie mark47045 detroit: become human186 female1348191 filly65516 food69071 glowing horn19289 gynoid155 ironic61 irony682 magic72424 quick time event14 self ponidox7985 sweat25908 sweetie belle can't cook66 sweetie bot1312 sweetie fail224 telekinesis27308 the cmc's cutie marks4736 turing test2


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Have you seen the junkyard in the game, it’s basically a mass grave for androids discarded and left forgotten.

Personally, I know another place where discarded androids can still be useful, in a way, a recycling plant.
Have their parts melt down and reuse. At least, they die for a better purpose.
Background Pony #CAC9
sweetie belle is become better in cooking! she made a pie! yes she made burn stuff first but learn from it! sweetie bot fail in cooking show sample she like her none robot conterpart, learn from mistake! fail everytime in cooking alter rarity a teach sweetie belle some better cooking skill!