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And she wept.

Part 1/?

#minimal effort backgrounds #wahoo #but i’ll try my best
#No solid update schedule for this but I’ll be updating it when I can
#I’ve got some interesting things in store I think
#Hope you guys enjoy : )
safe (1343976)artist:greyscaleart (838)princess celestia (79441)absurd file size (543)absurd res (60179)alicorn (146742)broken glass (161)castle of the royal pony sisters (417)comic (82762)crying (33637)elements of harmony (2114)female (682951)flying (27258)glowing horn (11897)implied nightmare moon (49)mare (297480)pony (625375)prone (19225)rainbow of harmony (46)sad (19127)sadlestia (17)screaming (2269)side (5001)solo (827549)spread wings (37865)wings (43872)


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