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Piece I did for the RPG art pack
lotta stuff I woulda changed, but hey that’s learning!
Twilight getting eaten out by a mimic, ya don’t see that everyday!
explicit362474 artist:rileyisherehide227 twilight sparkle306667 alicorn233596 mimic129 pony1014992 art pack:rpg22 ahegao25742 anus100551 bandage5849 blushing205270 chest623 clothes477341 cunnilingus9971 cutie mark49910 dock52221 drool25786 dungeons and dragons1318 female1405816 glasses64951 hat90701 heart50216 horn ring5846 mimic on pony action5 nudity383405 open mouth155362 oral50499 panties51569 panties pulled down4023 ponut45758 potions107 ring3691 sex126151 sharp teeth4020 smiling262503 socks68725 teeth10564 tentacles12181 thigh highs38302 tongue out108652 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126388 underhoof53922 underwear62610 vaginal secretions41022 vulva132719


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A Baby Demon
Hey uh, just letting you know that literally everything about this is absolutely perfect, and that I would give my soul to get you to draw Twilight in this style, with this design again. NSFW or not.