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suggestive143163 artist:racoonsan552 part of a set12118 twilight sparkle300479 alicorn224678 pony968755 adorasexy9783 bed40962 bedroom eyes59422 blushing197850 clothes460078 cute199983 ear fluff29609 eyeshadow15643 female1364219 looking at you168844 makeup21510 mare481227 seductive2244 sexy29464 smiling248823 socks66409 solo1065043 solo female179910 spread wings54762 stockings32789 striped socks21417 sultry pose1858 thigh highs36382 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123730 wings107613


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

It won't be okay
@Background Pony #5ACD
(human) Flash: Frankly, no. It's an embarrassing reminder that my entire romantic history so far has been rejection by ponies. Do you know how weird it is for someone my age to have to end talking about his love-life with "…luckily, I'm still a virgin"? "Luckily, they decided being with me wasn't for them before we ever had sex". I've said that to people! And ever since everyone at CHS found out about you and Sunset, I can't go one costume party or Halloween without every pantomime horse in the vicinity rubbing on me and asking if I wanted to "da-a-a-ate" them. It doesn't convey in text, but they neighed 'date'. Or less TV-Y words. And don't even ask what they do when there's a farm or race-track within view! That's my life, Twilight. That's my high school life. this isn't how this should be going… I'm in a band! Girls should be nuzzling me for dates without it being a joke! this is gonna haunt me for life, i know it…
Twilight: …I just meant if you thought the socks worked well with my coloring.
Flash: Oh. Yeah, they do.

Twilight: What's a "virgin"?