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Alt source: Deviantart
Artist’s Description:
Meet the Princess of Friendship
A kinda old one now I decided to finish randomly. Took me like 40 mins cus I’d already done most of the linework lol
safe1975048 artist:fluffyxai631 twilight sparkle333365 alicorn275107 pony1327388 :p12273 blushing239323 boop8514 chest fluff53569 curved horn9083 cute236866 female1606545 glass5899 hoof hold10924 horn117803 horse problems112 mare620012 mlem1041 self-boop472 silly8246 simple background503475 solo1271178 spread wings75720 stuck3348 sweat33755 sweatdrop4642 tongue out128976 twiabetes13880 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138762 underhoof61888 white background130892 wings175862


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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A waste of biomatter
Who will win,
An genius trained since childhood by a millennia lived Royal Goddess and at her disposal immense critical thinking skills,Huge innate magical reserves,vast troves of knowledge and resources blessed with immortality and flight or one cuppy boi filled with some choco milkies.
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Princess of Plushie Fort
what the- I was sat on the main page waiting for the two pics I just posted with postybirb to come up on here like they did on the other sites and then one gets posted by someone else :/  
what is going onnnn I thought they were just like, processing in the servers or something.