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The Cutie Mark Crusaders are not happy, since everyone is flying, even those who are “babies”.
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safe1975047 artist:ambassad0r380 artist:cheezedoodle961076 artist:dragonm97hd24 artist:mattbas40 artist:osipush416 artist:really-unimportant19 artist:vectorshy57 edit157199 apple bloom56470 applejack188039 fluttershy238581 pinkie pie238888 pound cake2817 princess ember7875 princess flurry heart8618 pumpkin cake2562 rainbow dash259777 rarity203418 scootaloo55570 smolder10318 spike87404 starlight glimmer55407 sunset shimmer72780 sweetie belle53528 trixie74792 twilight sparkle333365 alicorn275107 dragon72389 earth pony363000 pegasus408327 pony1327388 unicorn448077 absurd resolution71634 balloon11805 butt180169 cake twins548 cloud37931 cutie mark crusaders20945 dragoness12145 everyone but scootaloo can fly13 female1606544 filly85109 floating4974 flying47495 foal29983 gossamer wings87 levitation14298 magic86680 male461042 mane eight130 mane nine51 mane seven7356 mane six35362 mare620012 plot116686 rainbow waterfall347 scootaloo can't fly540 self-levitation698 telekinesis34337 then watch her balloons lift her up to the sky1029 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138762 winged spike9407 wings175861


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Background Pony #A851
Don’t give up scootaloo, you’ll get a chance to fly, she probably got use to the ground like fluttershy since her age