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Just a couple of scenes from Season 1 that I wanted to babify. I used some of the vectors from Beavernator and AxemGR. I didn't know what a baby cockatrice looked like, so I used the design based off of Peewee.
safe1707141 artist:red4567921 applejack169974 basil396 fido527 fluttershy212730 owlowiscious1984 pinkie pie216272 rainbow dash234020 rarity181905 spike78803 twilight sparkle300408 cockatrice529 dragon56339 parasprite2046 pony968253 a dog and pony show610 applebuck season876 dragonshy922 look before you sleep816 owl's well that ends well431 stare master639 swarm of the century721 the ticket master1013 apple16241 babity157 baby10453 baby ponies145 baby pony6605 baby spike687 babyjack462 babylight sparkle388 babyshy207 bed40950 crying43587 floppy ears52350 foal15429 food70150 golden oaks library5096 mane six31912 ponyville5845 puppy606 younger17384


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