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Decided to do it with the original series too 'cuz why not.
safe1613506 diamond tiara9813 fluttershy202784 pinkie pie207250 rainbow dash223815 rarity173541 silver spoon6259 twilight sparkle287988 dog8816 hedgehog416 human146320 mongoose48 monkey265 panda236 skunk507 biskit twins16 brittany biskit14 chart845 comparison4137 comparison chart204 littlest pet shop709 minka mark88 penny ling84 pepper clark103 russell ferguson81 sunil nevla105 whittany biskit12 zoe trent286


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The Commissionist
Nice comparison! Zoe Trent is kinda better than rarity if both shows are compared. rarity gets too overdramatic :P
Background Pony #39E3
Uhhhh why is penny ling at flutter shy and Sunil?

Sunil:I want flutter shy only
Penny ling cries-
Sunil:and penny ling???
Penny ling: good
Flutter shy:SUNIL!!!!!!!!
Background Pony #BC39
Oh, the new one is great in comparison. It has good comedy, great characters, and amazing animation that I think you'll like.
Background Pony #BC39
Gahh, I forgot about Vinnie. I was thinking to either add another slot comparing him to Spike, or putting him alongside Pinkie Pie.

I also couldn't come up with anything for Blythe.

And I guess Miss Twombly could be compared to Princess Celestia, but I'm iffy on that one.