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I wonder who it could be? =O
semi-grimdark28141 artist:hypno102 bon bon15721 derpy hooves48421 sweetie drops15721 earth pony203194 pegasus244084 pony854645 semi-anthro11096 abuse6396 bipedal30962 blood22771 blood splatter82 bon abuse23 death5082 decapitated1640 derp6367 ear fluff23786 female915638 friday the 13th150 hockey mask80 hoof hold7415 implied murder853 jason voorhees167 machete201 mare420271 marker drawing903 mask5538 open mouth124669 severed head1462 solo980602 spread wings48305 tongue out91725 traditional art110505 underhoof47263 weapon27499 wide eyes16279 wing fluff1455 wings78524


not provided yet


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